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water cycle

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In 2nd class we have been learning about the water cycle. We have made drawings of the water cycle and we conducted experiment about it and we will be recording the amount of rainfall for the week.

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Japan in 3rd and 4th class

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In 3rd and 4th class we’ve been learning about Japan and have written Haiku Poems – A Japanese form of poetry writing. In art we have practised Origami – an art of paper folding associated with Japanese culture.

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Health Promoting Schools Committee

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Pupils from the health promoting schools committee have been working very hard to create their display. Our aim was to show people how many spoons of sugar are in some of the snacks and drinks we regularly have. We hope this helps you make healthier choices!

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Rathnure Fittest Challengers

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social media safety for children: A Workshop for Parents

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 As today is Internet Safety Day, and in conjunction with Healthy Ireland at your local library, Enniscorthy Library has a talk this Thursday February 8th at 7pm called Social Media Safety for children that is aimed at parents and careers.   There is no need for booking and it is free event.

Social Media Safety for Children


sharing personal information online

which photos are okay to share?

cyber bullying and how to deal with it

social networks

your digital fingerprint


practical information relating to the most popular social media apps and online games

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Enrolment Forms & Open Night

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Our enrolment forms for 2018/2019 are now available from the school office or from the Enrolment Form tab at the top of this page. Please return completed forms to Clodagh in the office or email info@rathnurens.ie

Our Open Night will take place on Wednesday 31st January @7pm. 

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New Food Policy

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Hi all, 

We are currently in the midst of updating our school food policy. It is important that you, the parents are involved in this update, and that your voices and opinions on the matter are heard. We are posting a copy of our draft of this policy here, and we would greatly appreciate feedback on this. 

Please email any feedback to info@rathnurens.ie


Whole School Food Policy Rathnure N.S


Our school, is dedicated to providing an environment that promotes healthy eating and enables all to make informed choices about all aspects of food and not just the lunchbox.  It is our aim to make the healthier choice, the easier choice. With this in mind, our Whole School Food Policy was formulated and guided by Irish Healthy Eating Guidelines and Irish Food Pyramid and Healthy Lifestyles Circular 0013/2016.

The policy was developed by our Health Promoting Schools Committee, in consultation with staff, pupils and parents under the headings of Environment, Curriculum and Learning, Policy and Planning and Partnerships.


Read More…

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Rathnure around the world

Posted by: tnolan3688 | December 21, 2017 | No Comment |

When we went to sing at the Christmas Mass in St. John’s hospital on Thursday 14th December, Bishop Denis Brennan told us about the way he was talking to a man in Kenya who was wearing a Rathnure Jersey!!so we asked him to send on a picture of him,so that we could show the rest of Rathnure.I think he would make a good full forward what do you think?

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World War II Projects

A couple of weeks ago in Mrs. Nolan’s class they completed projects on world war II.
Each person picked a different topic and researched it to find out more on that place or person.
When they were finished they read them out to the class.


1.World war II began in 1939 and lasted for 6 years.
2.World War II began when German troops invaded Poland on 1 September 1939.
3.World War II ended in Europe on 8 May 1945.

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Hurling skills

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Mr Wrights Juniors started hurling skills in school for the first time at the start of November and they are looking forward to hurling every Friday

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