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Transition from pre-school to primary school

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Rackard League/Mini 7’s/Athletics

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The school teams have been doing brilliant recently with there sports.

The Rackard league boys  had a rough start  with losing there first three matches but bet Ferns to secure there spot in the Rackard league quarter finals 

The Rackard league girls are going well with a quarter final spot

on the 23rd the boys under 12 won a bronze for relay and we’re all so proud. Everyone who competed did great.

The boys are in the mini 7s final and their going for two in a row [which has never been done!]

Well done to everyone,we’re all so proud!

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School Calendar 2018 – 2019

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 Rathnure NS School Calendar 2018/2019

School opens Thursday 30th   

Mid-term break (Halloween)- Monday 29th Oct to Friday 2nd  November 

Christmas Holidays-Monday 24th December to Monday 7th January 2017 inclusive.

Mid-term break– Monday 18th to Friday 22nd February inclusive.Patrick’s Day Holiday– Monday 18th March.

 Easter Holidays-Monday 15th to Friday 29th April inclusive.

May Bank Holiday -Monday 6th

June Bank Holiday-Monday 3rd

School will close on Thursday 27th June 

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April Newsletter

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Our April newsletter can now be read in the Newsletters tab at the top of this page

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Child Safeguarding Statement

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Dear Parents, 

Please be aware that our Child safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment is available to read in the Policies tab at the top of this page. 

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Closed Days due to bad weather-

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  • To make up time from days lost to bad weather the following arrangements were made:
    • all staff will prioritise the teaching of the primary school curriculum
    • the school will not close for a half day before the Easter holidays
    • the planned in-service day for staff regarding Child Protection was cancelled. All staff did the online seminar in their own time and the administrative part of the in-service will be completed during a meeting after school.
    • the school opened on the day of the Confirmation.
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“The Best Your Child Can Be” positive mental health talk is coming to Gorey 29/3/18! 

By Enda O’Doherty (aka the Washing Machine Man!) 

All proceeds to Talk-to-Tom


Thursday 29th of March, 2018 at 7:30pm Ashdown Park Hotel Gorey: a very special talk for all parents, educators and coaches.

Learning and laughter are at the heart of how Enda presents on a very serious subject. With over 30 years’ experience in education, Enda understands the many challenges facing our children. Topics include:

How can we develop Mental Toughness?

How can we control and harness Anxiety?

How can I get them motivated?

How can we handle ‘losing’ – in exams, sport, etc?

What can I do to help as a parent?


Enda O’Doherty is a champion of positive mental health who turned his own life around from the depths of addiction. Also known as the man who carried a washing machine on his back all the way from Belfast to Waterford!! You can now meet him in person.

“Wow, what a night, I didn’t expect to enjoy a talk as much as this! You are guaranteed to leave with a huge smile on your face!” 
Celine Ryan, Wicklow, parent of four girls aged 9 to 18. 

Tickets are €10 for adults and €5 for under 18s. Book online at: buytickets.at/BestYourChildCanBe

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Maths trail

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1st class have been learning about length in maths and enjoyed completing a maths trail in the school grounds to measure length, widths and heights of items in the school. they have been busy working with clay in art to make a candle holder for a loved one at home for Valentines Day

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Last week at assembly we had fun sharing with everyone what we had learnt about the Vikings.

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houses and homes

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In senior infants we have been learning about homes and houses. In aistear we created beautiful houses and homes in art and in construction. We talked about types of houses and homes the rooms within them and the people who build them

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